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All About Spiciness, Ordering, and Our Rice:

Food is ordered on a 0 to 5 level. With 0 stars being not spicy and 5 stars being very spicy.

  • A common misconception is that all Thai food is spicy hot and we can abide! However most Thai food can be cooked without any spice at all, just ask for it that way.
  • If you are sharing dishes, a Thai tradition is family-style, you can order the dishes mild and then spice up your plate. Just ask your server for our Thai spice tray.
  • Some dishes listed on the menu have one or two stars by their name. They automatically come prepared slightly spicy and cannot be ordered less than the number indicated.
  • We only use authentic imported Thai Rice. Choices are: White Thai Jasmine, Black & Brown, White Sticky Rice and a dessert styled Black Sticky Rice.  Also we have dessert rice: White Sticky Rice and Black Sticky Rice Pudding.
  • At dinner time rice is not automatically included with all entrees and you must order it separately if you want rice. Some dishes like Curries, House Specialties, Lunch and Dinner Combos come with the rice listed.
  • White Thai Jasmine Rice is complimentary with all entrée’s before 3pm each day to promote our lunches.

Gluten Free Dining:

Thai Bamboo has many naturally gluten free dishes and unlike many other restaurants, guests are never upcharged for making a dish gluten free. Thai Bamboo only uses gluten free soy sauce. All items are prepped and prepared in a kitchen that contains gluten, therefore, we cannot guarantee that any item is completely free from gluten. Items that are fried may contain a trace amount of gluten.

Thai cuisine is the leader of Gluten Free dining with an interesting story behind it. There is very little wheat in Thailand, why…because it was never colonized. Being the only country in SE Asia with that distinction, wheat never made it into the native food dishes as it did with the colonized countries. So when you dine gluten free at Thai Bamboo you are doing so naturally and classically without any modern modifications.

To Our Vegetarian Customers:

Thai Bamboo has always been about healthy eating. We are happy to clearly list ingredients that would be a concern of our vegetarian friends. Our “Vegetarian Dishes” section is completely free of any ingredients vegetarians would be concerned with including NO shrimp paste and NO fish sauce. Most all our dishes are cooked fresh-to-order and our wok cooking is only water based, so many other dishes can also be enjoyed by looking at the sauces we use in each dish. Additionally some dishes can be made without shrimp paste or fish sauce, just ask your server. The following sauces are vegetarian friendly and free of shrimp paste or fish sauce: “black bean sauce”, “black chili sauce”, “garlic soy sauce”, “ginger dressing”, “lemon mustard sauce”, “Phad Thai sauce”, “plum sauce”, “house-made dumpling sauce”, “sweet and sour sauce”, “sweet chili sauce”, “Thai hot basil sauce”, “Massaman curry sauce”.   FYI our “peanut sauce” is now completely vegetarian. Of the 3 condiments in our spice tray that you would add yourself, only the “nam pla” has fish sauce in it.

A Word About Food Allergies:

At Thai Bamboo, we’re committed to making every guest’s dining experience an exceptional one, including our guests with food allergies. The Thai Bamboo menu lists ingredients used in each dish. We rely on our various suppliers’ statements of ingredients for listing certain allergens. Please make sure to inform your server of your specific dietary needs when ordering so that Thai Bamboo can accommodate your requests. Since our dishes are prepared fresh-to-order at Thai Bamboo, our normal kitchen operations may involve shared cooking and preparation areas. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of allergens.

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