Thai Bamboo has always believed it takes the entire team to make each guest’s experience top-notch. Some of the most overlooked & equally important staff members are those who work behind the scenes – OUR AWESOME KITCHEN CREW! Until recently, Thai Bamboo’s service staff had always been allowed to directly tip the kitchen workers. Unfortunately, the Dept. of Labor (DOL), along with the 9th District Court, has been indecisive and has gone back and forth about whether this practice is acceptable. Instead of waiting for the final outcome, which may never happen, we have decided to do something that is accepted both now and in the future which allows us to move forward.


Our solution is to collect on behalf of our kitchen staff in the form of a service charge, rather than having the service staff tip them directly. We added the 2% service charge you see at the bottom of your check. That 2% amount is collected and 100% of it is paid out in additional income to our kitchen staff. We hope that you agree that they deserve to continue to benefit from YOUR GENEROSITY! And since our service staff was already used to directly tipping out a portion of their tips to the kitchen staff, you can reduce your tip amount 2% to have this not affect you at all. Thai Bamboo takes great pride in our team members. Every employee is our greatest asset and we do our best to ensure they are all paid fairly. Thank you for your continued support and understanding! PEACE, LOVE, AND THAI FOOD!

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